Oh no… I dont  have any idea what I want to write about today, so I continue with sharing my experience in SD and WYD.

Ok, I saw the much different between SD and WYD dual and water system. In SD, when u go to altar (to do dual) at Kingdom Noaturn, you can see the crowd of players standing on altar and off altar. They fought to standing on altar for dual. There are only nine players can standing on altar, so usually the leader ask players to stand on altar to avoid other leaders ( from other parties) from ‘cut’. If someone not obey the leaders order, he will be kick out from the party. I also saw that some of the members of the party betrayed his party with gave the spot to another leader and joined that party. Last way to get spot on altar was killed players…lol

But, when I came to WYD, I was shocked that when I go to altar I saw no one at that place. And I asked myself, why this happened here. Is it dual not popular here? Then I heard from some players at WYD that the dual system was bug. I tried already with join some party, and I saw the problem. The monster in dual was superb strong, celestial also cant killed them. Thats why gm still trying to overcome this bug in dual. Good luck gm, I always give you support. Do your best for us, players. From now on, I saw GM always struggle to give their best services to ours. Thanks GM.

Hmm…thats all for this post. Thanks to CM and GM for the only one ‘Most Hilarous Blog Entry’ award I got. Im happy for that. I will continue to tell my experience on the next post. Thank you.


One Response to “Thanks 2 GM ( Part 4 )”

  1. CM Dhar said

    Youre welcome.. you deserve the award i really loled at that all people and NPC become a Zeus member XD

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