Hello there…Today I just want to talk about something that newbie should know and get prepare in WYDGlobal. 

From my experience playing WYDGlobal (5 months in wyd), I see almost all newbie in WYD just playing this game and not struggle to get more information from this game before they playing. They should know what they need to choose (Beastmaster, Transknight, Hunter or Foema) first, how to manage it, where do theywant to level up, what quest they need to go fo leveling their character, what skill they should master, how to make a better build and so on. All of this need some research from website, blog, forum or from senior wydians. If you not trying to get through all of this, you will fail to make better build of your character, and you will waste your time or money. Dont shy to ask someone in this game, they willing to help newbie.

Its easy if you want to level up your character but its not easy to get rich in this game. You must struggle for that like hunting or involve in trading items. It not easy to upgrade weapon or armor. Its not easy to ancient weapon. Its not easy to change to god/celestial. All need your initiativeand motivation to get all of this. Don’t just begging ‘Gold plzz’ or ‘1mil plzz’ or ‘give me item plz’. You need try to get it yourselves. Thats all for my post…Thank you.

Try to get it with your strength

Try to get it with your strength


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