The Game Of General(WYD) = God Must be Crazy (SD)

August 29, 2008

Hi, today at league I saw the new academy enjoying the Operators League. Hmm…its name Latino, and then that made me confius, how can Latino can be country? Is it have country called Latino. Then I hope GM/CM can give some explain and detail to us about this issue. This issue I think not the hot issue like before, but if you GM/CM not give explain it become hot issue.

Ok, today I attended to league and like always I lost. Hmm…I think maybe Im not strong enough to fight with high level than me, maybe next time I will win when I leveling to 400, you all will

Ok, I want to talk about The Game Of Generals Event. This event is becoming daily event. This event open to Mortal, God & Celestial. Mortal at armia field while God and Celestial in Kephra Dungeon. The Game Of Generals held at 06:00GMT, 12:00GMT, 18:00GMT and 24:00GMT. This event has its advantages which are:

  • Helping players to hunt laks or ori scrap and quest tickets. But now it help players to get medal(green, red and blue). Medal is required to make upgrader.
  • Helping players to make friend. When they find in this event they can communicate and make new friends.
  • Players can make money from this event. All item they got they sell to other players.
  • Help grow the WYDGlobal economy.
  • Make players helping each other to kill the general. They will party and attack the bad generals.

Only few the disadvantages I found in this event. It not help newbie because hard to kill general and get the items. But more advantages than disadvantages. So, I think this event successfully. This event similar with SD event(God Must be Crazy). Maybe GM/CM can make the event like SD event “God Must Be Crazy” – all monster on game when you kill you can get laks and ori scrap-more help newbie. This only my suggestion, if have another opinion or suggestion post here to let me know. Thank you.

(sorry Im rushing today becoz, have work and need to go somewhere place)

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