Before And After Event

August 26, 2008

Omg, the journal almost come to end. Hmm…What the benefit you got from this event or we can say that the outcome of event. From my opinion, from this event:

  • We can learn how to write the blog. Not even copy and paste it(plagiarism), its not your creativation, you should learn how to make research from literature view(from past articles), elaborate it, and add some your experience on it to make the better blog.
  • We can learn how to write comics.Hehehe, I like newbcaKe’s blog. I like his/her creativity in write comics.
  • We can learn how to make a joke. The audience or reader will evaluate your joke, are they like your joke so much or not.
  • We can guide and teach the newbie from what we know and we get from the game.
  • become storyteller ( like Cooldude21)
  • become rich ( get laks free lol)
  • become famous lol
  • give motivation to make better blog to compete with other competents


Before the Journal Event

Before the Journal Event

After the Journal Event

After the Journal Event


Ok, what you get from this event? This event like give away potion to all wydians. It help most to newbie who dont have money to buy pot. Before the event, you afraid to PK other players. After the event more guild war, PK and KS players happen lol. You also can make money with sell them to players. What this event objective? From my opinion, this event is to promote WYDGLOBAL to newbie to play this game and motivate them struggle to achieve high level, change to god and celestial and the exist players maintain in this game forever.

Before the WYDEO event

Before the WYDEO event

After the WYDEO event

After the WYDEO event

So, are you apprecite with all events thats GM and CM did? All this for ours, for all wydians. Thanks GM and CM, hope this continuously and not stop here. YOU DID GREAT JOB FOR US, GM AND CM. Thanks alot.


One Response to “Before And After Event”

  1. Cooldude21 said

    lol thanks yugioh. im not that good at story-telling hahah. but thanks anyways 😀

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