August 20, 2008

Academy Operator job not easy like everyone think. Everyday OP trying to do their best effort to their academy members. But what they got from their members? So, I want to discuss this scenario

Daily Recruit & Water Session

Daily Recruit & Water Session

Me : hi guyz…good day 🙂

All members : hi Yu-Gi… how r u?

Me : Good, thks…and you?

member 1 : Im fine

member 2 : me too

member 3 : me three..

all members : PT me plzz, PT me plzz, PT me plzz, PT me plzz 99x

Me : omg, dont spam me…see my tab msg.

all members : Yu Gi pt me…..grupo…. 99x

Me : I will pt u all at 1:50GMT, dont asking for pt till that time…if u keep spamming, I will not pt

       spammer..this is my warning…

all members : PT me water Yu Gi…PT me Yu Gi…PT plzz, PT plzz.. (they keep asking for pt)

They all keep asking for party, but that time not water session yet. As you all know, an hour for recruiting new members and after that OP will start water session. So, please dont spam us, we will party all members( priority to earliest members ).

This is my suggestion (just a joke):

This I want to

This I want to

If I can write the messages at ground or something, maybe this problem can be solve. But what happen next if we all can write messages at everything in wyd? This will happen

I dun want this

I dun want this

So, the moral we get from this scenario…hmmm, let me think..oh yea, plzzz..plzzz…plzzz respect your OP..they did their responsibilities everyday… so plzz appreciate with what u get…dont make them become crazy..because of many stress from spamming and foul language lol…ARGH, I DONT WANT BECOME INSANE…LOL

Thats all thank you…”cough cough”


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