NPC Needed

August 19, 2008

Today I try to write about ‘Job Vacancy’ in WYD…lol This not real, just make joke, just enjoy

We are GM and CM of WYDGlobal Company, in line with our rapid business in the food industry, potion industry, water and dual scroll, and other premium items, we currently seeking to employ dedicated and enthusiastic individual to be part of our NPC teams like Aki(Zeus), Nell(Zeus), ArchiMaster(Zeus), and others.

NPC ( ArmiaField, at Graveyard)


  • Responsibility in selling items like potion, recall scroll, warp scroll, gem of lodestar, premium items and others.
  • to build strong relationship and good rapport with existing/prospective customers for business expansion.
  • To solve customer complaint, feedback, satisfaction
  • to advice customer in consuming our products and his safety


  • No need diploma/degree
  • Have experience in selling and buying items (not hacking, cheating customers experience¬†lol)
  • Matured and handsome like GM Zeus
  • Good interpersonal, have charisma( like HighTemplar), and communication skills
  • Able to work overtime ( beware, this stall beside Graveyard)

Interested applicants are advised to apply with a detailed resume, stating current and expected salaries, character name, and ScreenShot of his character to the



beside graveyard lol

beside graveyard lol


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