Thanks 2 GM ( Part 3)

August 16, 2008

Today I want to continue about my experience in playing this game. After Im leveling my level at water and dual till level 210, the water and dual leaders not party me anymore because my level too high, not help them in boosting their experience point. I try ask someone in SD where they get water and dual scroll because Im interested to lead water and dual. After that I know how to get them, from players or from Merchant Nell. Then I know we should get e-point ( wcoin or bcoin in WYDGlobal) first before we can buy from Merchant Nell. How to get it? Im asked players from Malaysia about that question. Now I know, I can get it from 7-Eleven and need to register for MOLePoint at to use it. ( Soon Mol system will come to WYDGlobal, I cant wait it. Thank you gm for make my dream come true…hikhikhik )

You know, when you have e-point you can easily get premium item like water and dual scroll (N,M & A), God Package, Fairy (Naiad), and others like WYDGlobal. Then I buy dual N, try to do it. Many knowledge I can get from that. Firstly, u need to stand on altar to enter magic chamber with clicking the dual scroll. Secondly, party players that low level 1-150 and players you can trust, they can boost your experience in dual. Oh, Im forgot to tell that you need to use ‘symbol of courage’. Put this item at left legg at inventory. This item act like ‘luck charm’ which when you use it, u cannot get ‘red square’  for every room in dual. Then kick players from party when you at stage 3 to prevent looter. You should go alone at last stage to get godfate or skyfate without be looted from other players.

Hmm..sorry guyz, I need to continue the story about my experience in SD and WYD tomorrow because do not have much time. Thank you.


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