Thanks 2 GM ( Part 2 )

August 15, 2008

Today, I want to continue to talk about my experience in playing SD and WYDGlobal. For your information my character name at SD and WYDGlobal was NaRuTo85 ( My another account ). Until Im level 140, I tried to explore SD and saw many placed I did not go yet. I saw graveyard, I thought how can I get into that place. Hmmm… I dunno how to Im very noob at that time. Then I know where is altar ( for doing Dual Quest). Someone show me how to get there. What is this place? Why many players stand on the square (altar)? Why I need to waiting for a long time there? What is the meaning of ‘cut’ when do dual? All these question pop up in my mind. I starting to know that system after attend that place for many time to leveling at there. I also did not know there was 4 rooms in Dual because the leader will kick all players at third rooms. The reason is to prevent someone loot his skyfate or godfate (In WYD, Ori and Laks Powder…lol).

After I was level 190 above, the dual party leaders not party me any more, because Im not low level. They need low level players to boost the experience point. I felt very dissapointed. I thought I had know everything but Im wrong. I dunno the Water Quest yet until someone party me for water. I asked the leader what the party for? He said for water party. What the hell is that? Water? Im surprised when I have teleported to another place, small creepy rooms, and there had 9 rooms. It differ with WYDGlobal, after finished one room in water, we all be teleport out and need to click level 2 scroll to get to level 2, that make water very jam at SD than WYDGlobal. Last room, the party leaders always said dont KS or he would kick someone who KS him. At that time, in SD item will drop on the floor when monsters killed. Many looter at that time. Everyday players complained to GM about that. After that GM change the SD system, players can get the item in their inventory when they killed (last hit) that monster. But players can still KS for that…lol.

Hmm…still many i want to tell you about my experience in SD but not now. I will continue it tomorrow. Thanks to gm again because WYDGlobal is the best Online Game than SD because of yours intention to keep this game interesting (with many events). Thanks GM.


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