Thanks 2 GM

August 14, 2008

Hi wydians, hmm…let me think what I want write in my blog today. @_@ I had read the wydglobal website I find the good news about Mol Billing Event. It good news for Malaysian & Singaporean & good for me too, hehehe. When I first playing WydGlobal, I really hope that I can get easily use billing system like Poland. So I also sent the information about billing system in my country, Malaysia, hope dream come true.

Ok, let me tell the story that make me addicted to this game. I found the advertisement about Supreme Destiny in my book, Gempak that introduce me to this game. Before this, I never have experienced in playing the online game until I found the interest one that make me want try it. I only watched my brothers played KnightOnline before but Im not interested in trying that game. After that I tried to download it at its closed).

Im started get stuck at this game after Im play it. I started play at year 2005. First character I choosed was BeastMaster. I became noob in this game, I did not know there have quest for leveling the character. So, I just leveling my character with killing every mobs or monsters that i found in armia (it kinda hard =.=!!!) I started making friend from that, hmm I dont remember my first friend IGN, my bad (>.<) But Im started like this game when Im leveling from time to time with her. Until Im level 140 I started know a little of this game such as how to open trade; how to chat in party; guild and with allies; how to PK players; know that SD have teleporter that can teleport to another town; and others. Hmm… I want tell more about my experince but not now, I will continue it tomorrow…lol

Actually, I like the news that GM posted about the billing system. In SD I also use MolePoint for me to get premium item like waters and others easily. So, I also hope GM continue doing their good job forever for the best service to their value customers and gamers. Thank you.


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