Have Conspiration or What…? (HOT ISSUE)

August 11, 2008

Hello there, today Im in hurry for study. Tomorrow I have Advanced Accounting Information Systems test, so I want make short discussion and give opinion about WYD Global current event, Wydian’s Journal Event.

So, let me start it now. From what I see in this week, Im not satisfied with the result of this event especially GM/CM give special rewards to some people that I think not the right players. For example, you give special rewards to Tuta straight three days in this week. Its unfair because I read many blog from other players and see some of them more better than him ( Tuta ), sorry to say that but its true. I know maybe some players also not satisfied with this result. So I open this discussion, hope you can share your idea and give comment about this issue. I also hope GM/CM give their comment too at my blog.

Thats all for today, thank you.


4 Responses to “Have Conspiration or What…? (HOT ISSUE)”

  1. CM Dhar said

    Tuta really deserves his price. Just read his blog entries. His article puts the X to the X-Factor same as cooldude21 and i believe that he really made those articles while some people are just copy pasting their articles from official sites 😉 We actually read the participants blogs Yu-Gi-Oh so maybe next time if you put some effort on blog making. you will be the next one to get rewarded..

    just a tip . think of a topic that other bloggers haven’t think of…

    🙂 toodles~

  2. Yu-Gi-Oh said

    Actually CM Dhar, when I write blog Im use my own existing knowledge about WYDGlobal not COPY AND PASTE like you said. Thank you.

  3. CM Dhar said

    Yu-Gi-Oh dear i think you misunderstood what i said.

    Kindly read my comment carefully again. I addressed “Some Players” it means other players i didnt even mentioned that you Copy Paste your articles. As you can see youve been included to the winners list for quite sometime so it means you didnt do anything bad.

    Im just giving you some tips on how you will be rewarded and thats all..

    thank you and have a good day.

  4. wickedness said

    hi hi! i visited some other sites too and they are actually all good (the one linked from the CMs Lair). i dunno anyway keep blogging ^_^

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