Global Academy Daily Job

August 9, 2008

Hi Wydians, today I want to talk about something happen when Academy Operators (OP) doing their job. Ok, firstly i want to thanks to GM for choose and recruit me as OP of Global Academy. Denis4Ever and I are OP at 01:00GT – 04:00GT at server 4 Gold Dragon, we recruit at 01:00GT – 02:00GT and doing water session at 02:00GT – 04:00GT ( But we always doing 2 party at same time to finish this session early). We do it everyday.

Global Academy meeting at GoldDragon Server4

Global Academy meeting at GoldDragon Server4

We always face the same problem everyday which is many spammer spamming us, such as ‘Pt Me Plzzz, Recruit Me Plzzz, and etc.’ For the Global Academy at our shift we do a rule that you all must follow to make sure this problem not happen again. All spammer in our academy we will kick him out from academy after we give him warning not keep spamming. When someone want to join this academy, he/she need to say ‘recruit me Yu-Gi-Oh/Denis4Ever’ then we will say ‘ Ok we will recruit you, wait a second’, Then we will send name in a recruiting list to gm. After that we will inform you that we already sent your name. If someone keep spamming ‘recruit me’ after that, we will never recruit them. Same like water party, we alwayz tab message ‘WaterPT @ 01:50GT’ so if someone keep spamming ‘pt me’ before that time we will not pt him/her and maybe he/she will be expel from this academy because we hate spammer a lot.

Another problem is some players don’t know English (communication barriers) well. For example here we found the players from Brazil cant talk English and not understand it when we talk to them. So, we hope all Brazilian and other players from other countries which cannot talk and understand English learn English very well. This is the best solution to overcome this communication barriers.

XxshulerxX Brazilian cant talk English

XxshulerxX Brazilian cant talk English

OP shift in Global Academy :

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh & Denis4Ever : 01:00GT – 04:00GT
  2. Kaylena & Gabrielle        : 07:00GT – 10:00GT
  3. -Homax- & SultanJohor : 13:00GT – 16:00GT
  4. muss DangerDusko       : 19:00GT – 22:00GT

Ok, thats all my second post, thank you.


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