Hello Wydians!

August 8, 2008

Welcome to my first blog for WydGlobal Online Game. Im From Malaysia. My ingame name Yu-Gi-Oh and Operator (OP) of Global Academy. Im Elemental Beastmaster start playing this character on July 2008 and that month too I became OP of Global. For your information Im at shift 01:00GT – 04:00GT. Before this, Im playing Supreme Destiny Malaysia. But now, it closed and I continue playing at WydGlobal because I become die hard fanz of this game. Im enjoy playing this game very much. So I hope this game become exciting and going concern.

The objective I want achieve from this blog is:

  •  to share about my experience in WydGlobal
  •  to discuss about WydGlobal
  •  to express opinion about WydGlobal
  •  to inform news and updates from WydGlobal and etc.

Ok, thats all for my first post, thank you.


One Response to “Hello Wydians!”

  1. Hey Yug! =)
    Nice job, i love ure intro XD
    cant w8 to

    I love ya as Op, ure doing so well =)
    And u allways answer all my question!!! =P

    Good luck =P

    William ( DarkMagesty )

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