Hi again, hmmm…what I want to write today? Firstly, I want to thanks to all readers that read my blog. Keep read my blog ya.. 😛  Thanks to my guild members( Cyrus10j, Denis4Ever and others) and all wydians that give me support that make me have motivation to post blog till today. And Thanks to GM and CM that extend this event one more week, and after this it will be continue with season 2.

Today I still try to find someone who selling water N (Using NaRuTo85). Oh..Im not lucky enough today because I found -TON-, he sell me five water N but no one share today lol… 😦   (If someone sharing next time dont forget to PM me). Then I walked in all servers to see what players sell. Hmm…still not make me feel interest to buy them. Many noob item, only a few player sell useful item. Maybe next time I buy item that I think useful to me. One more thing that make me unsatisfied with some guild that set tax higher (15-25 percent). When I want open autotrade, I pretend to choose server 1 because tax is lower than other servers.

Ok, let me talk about the current event that GM/CM did.


As you all know, this event start at 26 August till 30 September 2008. From I see and I know, this event useful for upgrade the +11 god equipment or higher (MAP, DMG, DEF and CRIT) and use to make protection emblem. From my opinion, the advantages of this event is:

  • to help players to upgrade their equipment to +12 or higher with protection emblem;
  • to help players to upgarde their +11 or higher god equipment with upgrader ( MAP, DMG, DEF and CRIT )
  • the players need to attend in The Game General Event to get purple, red, blue and green medal  as equipment to make Upgrader.
  • instead of sharing water N and M, players also can get items( Map Piece 1 and 5, Nesses Summon Letter(N) and (M) that required to make gold medal
  • instead of doing dual N, players not only get laks or ori powder from dual, they also can get Map Piece 3 as item required to make gold medal.
  • help in wyd economy (trading) – balance it.

The disadvantages is:

  • this not help newbie
  • this event for high level player (god and celestial)
  • this event for rich players (have wcoin and golds)
  • not easy to get boss in dual letter N
  • when upgrade, maybe you success or fail (omg)
  • more water jam will happen (it happen when OP do water session, at the same time someone doing sharing)

Hmm…It just my opinion, if you not agree or have some idea to add please post your comment here to let me know. Thank you.


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