Hi, thank GM and CM for extend the journal event for one more week. First season, it likes have second season in future( like tv series lol). Thats make me love it so much. Congratulation for all winners. Keep update your blog for the WYDGlobal future benefits. Its not only wydians read your journal but peoples all around the world. That make the WYDGlobal become well-known and popular all among MMORPG, hopefully.

So, today is busy day to me. I need to attend 5 classes, tight schedule for a student in University. So, I have no idea what I want to write about. Today I try to find water N share but no one doing it. I want to level my god character for NaRuTo85. Hmm…maybe next time have players want to sharing water. Then I heard GM Helius shout to all Malaysia, Singapore and Poland for discussing about Cafe Event and other event according to launch MolePoint for WYDGlobal. Hopefully, GM will launch it for the month of September.



Wow, this is a great event but less gold prize.lol…Sometimes I answered many questions and get true answer but only get 30k gold for each true answer… Maybe, GM need to change it, like 100k 😀 Hmm, 1 more thing, USA won 38 silver medal, this is the true answer. You should change it lol. This event have benefits such as:

  • It help newbie who need gold
  • It make players make research and study about facts of Olympics Beijing 2008
  • gain Olympics knowledge
  • make someone get motivate – not give up easily
Just click it to answer the question

Just click it to answer the question

True answer can get 30k gold..lol

True answer can get 30k gold..lol

That all for today, I will discuss all WYDGlobal event and update in the next post. I LOVE ALL EVENTS THAT GM AND CM DID. Thank you.


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